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What If YOU Were The Secret To Achieving

Love, Joy, And Your Heart’s Desires?

Introducing Seven Steps to Sakred!

Hosted by Sandy Sembler, CEO and Creator of the SakredShe program

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Here's what you'll learn in the workshop:

  • What you're already transmitting to the World - and what it attracts in return  (This is the secret to attracting the abundance you desire and the relationship you yearn for!)


  • Why your masculine and feminine energies may be out of balance leaving you fatigued, burdened, and making your man a "pleaser" 🤢 instead of a king 👑


  • Why feeling leads to healing - and how forgiveness and acceptance is already yours  (Wouldn't it be wonderful to leave all that sh$t behind you permanently!?!)


  • How movement is the key to unlocking your feminine! (And what you can do NOW to get there immediately) 💃


  • ✋The power of your "NO!" (Why we've been "trained" not to use it by society, and how effective boundaries will lead to more love in your life!)


  • Why what you're communicating is as important as HOW you're communicating it -- and the transformation in your relationships once you learn these 3 simple concepts. (Imagine being able to stop fights in a moment - or avoid them altogether - while keeping an open heart and sharing your truth)


  • How to have more love, joy, and care to share with others 🥰 - without feeling drained, resentful, or worn down.  (Why you may be doing this to yourself - and how you can quickly shift this!)


This is such a beautiful time we will be spending together - and imagine the change in your life and those you love that will be possible after learning this!

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