Meet Sandy Sembler.

This woman is the epitome
of turning your mess into a message.

After another failed intimate relationship resembling those from before, Sandy boldly and unabashedly dove into finding out why she was attracting the same emotionally unavailable man again and again. She was living an extraordinary, prosperous lifestyle, but she was unfulfilled, lonely, and dissatisfied in her actual everyday life.  She was running her life on auto pilot with habitual survival toxic patterns learned from childhood. This led her to approach business and life in general with a masculine, take no prisoners mindset.  While this provided great financial and philanthropic success, it prevented true, tender connections with the closest people in her life such as her son and repelled hopes of finding her one true forever love.

An intense three-hour intervention with Tony Robbins five years ago shifted Sandy to a new paradigm, learning to fully embrace who she was created to be, a feminine goddess, while maintaining the skills that made her successful in business   She sought teachers around the world to deepen the vulnerable, empowering practice of opening her heart and expanding her spirituality. Through her mapping of the feminine healing process, she embodied a magical powerhouse who desired to voluntarily be vulnerable in the world through trusting her intuition with an open heart. This inner soul work allowed her to accept her worthiness and she recently manifested her heart’s desire, a husband, her ‘warrior king’.

Sandy’s personal heroine journey inspired her to integrate her highly rated business coaching curriculum with teaching embodiment of the healthy feminine and masculine essences, movement, intimacy, wellness, and encouraging full self-expression.  Her deepest desire and goal with each client is that her modern spiritual teachings will encompass wise transformational work that help reveal their authentic purpose, release baggage from the past, minimize common frustrations between men and women, and create the quality relationships that we all deeply desire in life. 

Once the yearning for depth and your soul’s truth is awakened, there is no turning back…


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