Welcome to the Sisterhood!



Join me and your tribe of sisters in a life-changing journey! 

Share your transformation with others as I guide you
through powerful work to transform every aspect of your life.

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Why Group Coaching with Sandy?


You join a tribe of growth-oriented women who are focused on becoming their most magnetic beings.

You can relish in a safe environment to reveal your true essence with other sisters in our twice monthly virtual gatherings.

You get to indulge in the full access to our on-line community with resources, stories, practices to go deeper, and full access to Sandy.

You discover inside the hearts and minds of both women and men as we learn to understand the mystery of ourselves and each other.

In our collective healing time together over this six month journey, you will receive:

  • Six months (Two 90-minute sessions per month) of powerful coaching & embodiment sessions shared with the Sisterhood!

  • Access to monthly office hours for SakredShe-sisterhood members.

  • Assignments assigned each session to deepen your practice.

  • Exclusive meditations for SakredShe – The Sisterhood.

  • Lifetime membership in the SakredShe online community!

  • Access to my extensive library of feminine-masculine polarity and transformational healing work.

  • Spotify playlists that coincide with each of the feminine geniuses (Don’t worry. This is a lot of fun and will being extra fire, you are craving!)

Join The Tribe


Dig deeper, laugh, love, cry, and enjoy our Sakred Sisterhood.


Schedule a Discovery Call with Sandy to apply.

What does "DOING THE WORK" mean?


  • Show up ready to reveal and play full out. The deepest and most profound results come from the most vulnerable places.


  • New teachings and practices every 2 weeks. These calls are an opportunity for reflection on how to bring these practices into your everyday life.
  • You have access to Sandy’s own personal resource list and recommendations from her own journey. You have access to her recommendation for books and videos to deepen your own personal outcome.


  • Over the course of your time together, Sandy will offer individualized practices based on what she most wants to create in her life.
  • The purpose of the program is for you to take this out of a coach/client mindset and apply it to your own life. Homework and home practice is an integral part of this process. Think of the mindset, “How we do anything is how we do everything!”

Join The Tribe


Dig deeper, laugh, love, cry, and enjoy our Sakred Sisterhood.


Schedule a Discovery Call with Sandy to apply.